Thursday, September 27, 2007

First Counted Cross Stitch

I completed my first ever counted cross stitch a little over a month ago. It was for my friend Rani's 30th birthday. Rani likes to say "Put your big girl panties on and deal with it!" when the going gets tough, and when I saw this cross stitch kit at the craft store, I had to get it. Never mind the fact that I had never done counted cross stitch before. I fell in love immediately. I found it incredibly relaxing. It took me a while to finish it, but finish it I did, and I think she really liked it. Since I don't have the piece any more, I'll just post a picture of the kit. The kit is from the Dolly Mamas by Joey collection. Check out the Dolly Mamas website for more cheeky products and sayings--they have more than just cross stitch!


Alice said...

I saw this and thought it was HYSTERICAL. Great job!

Black Betty said...

thank you so much for my picture! i have it in my kitchen as a reminder daily! love you!