Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Surprise! You're home!

Getting home (back to NJ) has been really nice. My DDH did lots of projects around the house while I was away. He installed a light fixture in our downstairs bathroom, installed a fan/vent in the upstairs bathroom, and (drumroll please) planted my shrubs! They look great. To top everything off, the painters are here today and they are working their tails off. What else could a girl ask for?
I got my pens today for the Sudoku tournament that takes place this weekend. I have to break them in a bit prior to Saturday. Can't just walk in there with virgin pens!
I've cross stitched a bookmark for my mom's birthday. Her BD is Saturday, but she won't be celebrating much, as she will be on a school trip to the Huntsville Space Center with 50+ 5th graders. She says that her best BD gift is that she'll be done with that trip for another year!

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Black Betty said...

yah! kudos to the hubby! :)

post some pics... :)