Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Geese Police

We have a lot of Canadian Geese around here. They aren't flying South for the winter. Apparently their migration patterns have gotten out of whack due to weird weather (aka Global Warming) and they are really a problem in many areas. What to do? Call the Geese Police, of course!
Seriously. I saw an official Geese Police truck today as W and I were leaving the library. There is a huge open field behind the library where a few hundred geese like to hang out, and I guess someone had called the GP to take care of them. The company is based right here in NJ and they have franchises in various locales (sounds like a great business opportunity, right??). They use border collies (and "other" techniques) to get the geese off of your property. The website is fantastic (and pretty funny). You can meet the Deputy Dogs, get the scoop on the "suspects" and learn about their tried-and-true techniques.
And what good is a company without a motto, right? The Geese Police have a great one. "Call us to get the flock out!"