Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday football

So there were two big football games today. I watched about five minutes of the Giants v. Dallas. It was tied when I was watching, but it appears that the Giants wound up winning. Surprisingly, the Colts lost to San Diego. Yes, this means that Eli "notquitereadyforprimetime" Manning's team is moving on and big bro is having to take it to the house. Not to worry about what ol' Peyton will be doing to occupy his time, I'm sure he has some more awesomely bad commercials to work on.
We're on the southern end of a Nor'easter and might get a dusting of snow tonight. The worst of the weather will be well to the north of us. I'd love some nice snow, but with Mike having to commute into NYC tomorrow, it's just as well that we aren't going to get pummeled.

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