Friday, February 1, 2008

Farm animals

We went to the local farm/pick-your-own place last Friday because the weather was so nice (unlike today). The animals were out and about. The geese were militant and the sheep were sweet. The cats were smart and were inside the farm store curled up on piles of apples and inside produce boxes.
The curious goose. This guy kept following us around looking for a handout. There are little gumball-style dispensers that you can put a quarter in and get a handful of corn to feed the animals. The goose was mad at us because we weren't participating in this activity. He kept going over to the dispensers and sticking his beak in the spout. I felt sort of bad for him, but Mike pointed out how fat he was, so I didn't feel bad for him after that.
I liked this sheep. He was really fat and dirty. He had a sweet face, though.
Here's the back of a cat that was chilling out on some apples in the store.
Here's a cat curled up in the Mulling Spices box. Cozy!

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