Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Snow day

It's snowing. It's coming down pretty hard and accumulating on everything--even the roads. We just took W out to play around in it. It's so obvious that we aren't from around here when we go out to play in the little dusting of snow. But I think we are going to get a couple of inches before it turns to rain this evening. So we might as well enjoy it while it's pretty, right??


Lil'bit of this and Lil'bit of that said...

Very ture!!! Mississippian's don't get snow that often! ENJOY MY DEAR!!!

Black Betty said...

i lost my power last night! :( but all is well now!

Mark Smith said...

Believe it or not, we do get more snow than this in NJ. It's just an off year.

Anonymous said...

i haven't seen snow in years!
build jude and i a snowman!

Robert said...

I so much remember Mike playing in the snow. He looked like he was lost in all his winter explorer kit. It reminds me of how Maggie, on the Simpsons, looks like a star when she is wearing her coat. I would love to see some pictures of W.

I guess you never really get over the magic of snow. The last time I saw snow was in London. But it didn't stick. I did catch a flake on my tongue though.