Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Vote, dammit!

If the polls are open in your state today, vote! W and I are going to go vote after lunch.
After a lot of thought and struggle, I have decided to cast my vote for Obama. I like Hillary, I really do. But I just think Obama has a better chance against whichever person the Republicans put out there. Moreover, I support Obama's stance against the Iraq war. I have been against it from the beginning and so has he. I never thought we should have gotten involved in Iraq. The fact that he has been against it from the start will be a strong point for him in the general election. Even though Hillary is against it now, she still voted to give Bush authorization to go in the first place. That doesn't differentiate her much from whichever Republican candidate there is (likely McCain), whereas Obama can say, "I never supported this war. Period."

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