Thursday, March 13, 2008


So I have a lot of projects going on right now. None have to be done soon, but there are a few that take precedence over others. They are, in order:
  1. finish embroidering little boy's Monkey t-shirt for April 5 church silent auction
  2. start and finish embroidering little girl's t-shirt for April 5 church silent auction (design TBD) should it be a kitty cat? a flower? butterflies? any suggestions?
  3. finish stitching Summer Line-Up (The Trilogy) and make into throw pillow
  4. finish sewing W's jungle animals romper (hem shorts, add buttons)
  5. cross stitch birth sampler for sister-in-law's nephew (see below)
  6. get measurements (ick!) to make first skirt pattern (yay!) using Sew What! Skirts
  7. make first skirt
So I guess that really isn't too bad. I've told myself that I am NOT allowed to get any more cross stitch patterns or fabric until I finish the projects listed above. As for the birth sampler that I'm doing for my sister-in-law... Well, apparently, about ten years ago when her husband's brother's wife (are you following me?) had their first kid, she stitched a birth announcement for the child. She's done one for each child thereafter. Well, they're on their fourth kid, due any day now, and Jenny is sick of this pattern. I can't say that I blame her. I started it the other day, only to have to stop until I can get a bigger piece of fabric to stitch on. The thing is ginormous. You'd think a 15x18 inch piece of 11-count Aida cloth would be big enough, right? Wrong. I'm going to need a piece specially cut at the fabric store, which I haven't gotten around to doing yet. The good news is that there is a lot of "white" space on the design that isn't stitched. It should go pretty fast, especially since it's on such a big stitch count. I think I'm going to force myself to do it this coming week when I'm in MS. Maybe that'll be the only project I take with me--that way, when I get the "itch to stitch" I have to work on it.
Here's the Summer Lineup that I'm currently working on and plan to make into a pillow:
And here's the fabric I ordered the other day for my first two skirts: The first one is called Blossom Cotton Terra Cotta; the second one is by Amy Butler (Lotus Star Paisley Lime). Both are from

I finished the book I started the other night. It was really excellent. I'm taking it down to MS so that my mother-in-law and mom can take turns reading it. I think it's one they'd get into.


Black Betty said...

a dragonfly for the girl's shirt.... ;)

Anonymous said...

that fabric is SUPER cute!