Monday, April 27, 2009

Talkin' 'bout a heatwave!

The temperature has gotten up to 90 the past two days. This is highly unusual weather for us here in The Jerz. Usually we don't hit 90 until July. We had part of the power cut off in our house because of a "light installation project" in the kitchen (I'll explain the quotes later), so the fan in our bedroom wasn't working last night. Mike and I just lay there for what seemed like hours until he said, "Are you asleep?" "No," I replied. "I'm hot," he says; "Me too," I say. "Wanna turn on the AC?" he says. SHOCK. Usually I am the first to open up that can-o-worms, and usually I hold out till late-May! "Please do," I said. Thank the Lord he did, otherwise I don't think I would have gotten a wink of sleep.

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