Wednesday, October 10, 2007

#@%$ Painter!

Bad news on the painter front. Mike caught up with him this morning and managed to pry out of him that he won't get around to painting our house until next Wednesday. Sooo annoying. There goes another week of not being able to plant my new plants. It also furthers the delay in getting my tulip and crocus bulbs into the ground. Those things have to be in the dirt by the end of the month. It isn't like MS where you can leave them in the fridge all winter.
Cross Stitch Update: I constructed the Christmas ornament for my friends who are getting married this weekend. It was my first go at the hot glue gun, so the finished product is a little "Stringy" right now, but hopefully I can peel off the excess. It's not great... it definitely looks "hand made" if you know what I mean! I also put together the "Bloom where you're planted" for my dearest friend Rachel. Again, not spectacular, but not terrible either. Finally, I stitched together my pincushion that I used the Leviathan stitch for. Believe it or not, it looks the best of the three I did today. Go figure.


Black Betty said...

screw those painters! i'm sorry you don't get to work in the yard! that bites.

looking forward to seeing you this weekend! yah! :)

Truvie said...

How many tulips are you doing? I just ordered a ton of bulbs! You're right, though. I'm just keeping my in the extra fridge for a while!

Alice said...

I want bulbs...but yours will do so much better. Please plant some for me! You can call it the "Gret bed"....hehe I think it'll be bute-ti-ful!