Monday, November 12, 2007

An exciting day

Today has been pretty exciting. First of all, W slept until 9 this morning! Granted, I got up and fed him at 3 am and 7 am, but still, 9 am is pretty sweet. He then took a nap from 10:45 until 12:45. Again, a very nice thing. Since he was in such a good mood, I decided that TODAY was THE DAY for his first "professional" haircut. Mike and I had trimmed the bangs and mini-mullet back in September, but it was really time for a real cut by a real hairdresser. Being the novice mother that I am, I took him to this place called "Snip Its" which is a hair cutting place just for kids. Everything is geared towards kids. Even the seats are kid-size (that detail will be important in a minute, I promise). So we go in and W can immediately tell that something is "up." He starts squirming. The hairdresser, an Indian lady named Marsha, was very friendly and introduced herself to us and talked to W for a few minutes. She even asked if I wanted to save the hair since it was his first haircut. I declined, since I had kept the little bit we trimmed off back in September. Anyway, the second I put him in the haircutting chair, he lost it. We couldn't even get the "seatbelt" on him. So I squeezed my "birthing hips" into this kid-size chair and held him throughout the haircut. He cried the entire time. He wanted nothing to do with the bubbles the assistant was blowing, nothing to do with the video on the screen in front of him, NOTHING to do with the dum-dum lollipop I (grudgingly) accepted for him to lick on (did he lick on it? NO!). The ladies assured me that each day kids come in and bawl throughout their haircuts. So when she finally finished we went to pay. When we had gone into the store I had checked the price list; $15.50 seemed a little high for a kids' haircut at the time. However, after seeing how good they were with him in his distressed state, I decided that they had earned every penny, plus the tip I left. It'll be a while before we go back, I think.
We then did our weekly trip to Wal-Mart. I had to get some curtains for our sliding door in the kitchen/dining room. We have match-stick shades in there but with winter setting in, Mike and I decided we needed something else to keep the cold out and the warm in. You can see an image of the curtains I got from the Wal-Mart website to the right. I got two pairs of panels since it's so much glass to cover. The rod I got was actually marked down from $16 to $5. When I got home I realized why--there was no hardware! Thank goodness I had some that would work in my basement.
While I was hanging the curtains I heard Kramer begin to meow. W was taking his nap, so I was pretty anxious to find the cat before he woke the baby. After opening every door in the entire house, I finally realized he was in the WALL. Yes, that's right, the wall. I remembered that I had closed the upstairs linen closet this morning to keep the cats out of it. We keep it closed all the time to keep the cats out because it has a small opening into the wall (don't ask me why??) that the cats can get into and then get in the walls of the house. Apparently Mike had opened the closet this morning to get a towel but hadn't closed it all the way. Kramer, ever the curious little kitten, pawed open the door and went into the hidey-hole. Sure enough, when 5 o'clock rolled around, he wanted his dinner, and let the whole world know it. I knelt in front of the closet for a while calling "kitty kitty" until he came out, meowing, purring and dusty. He gobbled up his dinner and is now sleeping soundly in his favorite chair. Crisis averted; I don't think Mike would have been too pleased about busting a hole in the wall to retrieve the cat.


Mama Can-Can said...

did you not check the fridge? when i come to visit, that is where you should look first!

Truvie said...

When Troy got his first haircut, he wiggled so much that they nicked his ear with the clippers. To this day it is HELL to get him into the barber's chair!