Sunday, November 25, 2007

This is huge

Huge kudos to Mizzou for their performance last night against Kansas. They've ascended to #1 in the BCS poll for this week (LSU trails at #5). At least one Tiger fan in the house is happy!

As for Nick Saban, I wonder what Alabama must be thinking at this point, considering his first season there ended with a 6-6 record and they are paying him about $4 million per year. What does that work out to per win? $666,666.66 per win? That's crazy!

W and I are enjoying our time here in Mississippi. It's wonderful seeing family and friends; we've seen some folks we haven't seen since last Christmas! It really is very hard being away from Mike for so long. We were able to see each other on Skype last night; W thought it was pretty cool seeing his daddy on the computer screen. He kept pointing and saying "Da!" which I suppose means "Daddy" even though he's never called Mike that in person.

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