Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy birthday to me!

I had a nice birthday today. Mike got the bag for me that I wanted. He printed out the webpage with the picture and description of the bag and went to the store in Princeton that carries Vera Bradley bags. He handed the clerk the print-out and said, "I need this for my wife". The clerk was very accommodating. I also got a sweet card from Mike, W, Kramer, Willie and Maggie. My in-laws got me a subscription to Better Homes and Gardens. They have a deal going on right now where you get THREE years for 20 bucks. Not bad! My mom (and dad) got me a pair of brown wedge-heel boots when I was in MS over Thanksgiving, as well as Season 3 of 90210. Mom and dad are bringing it for me when they come next week for Christmas. I cannot wait to watch some of the best 90210 episodes EVER. Let's see... Donna and Brenda go to France, Dylan and Kelly hook up, Kelly od's on diet pills and...... DONNA MARTIN GRADUATES!!!


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You're too funny, with your quoting 90210 and all!!! Glad you had a good b-day. I know I thought I called you...but I'm not sure if I ever wished you a Happy Birthday!