Friday, January 11, 2008

I'm sick and tired....

...of feeling sick and tired. So yesterday I went to the doctor. My regular doctor, Dr. Chang, was booked, so I saw a different one, Dr. Sheik. He was alright, but I definitely prefer my regular doctor. She usually spends a lot more time with me than did he. I told him that I suspected that I had a sinus infection. He checked my ears, nose and throat, and prescribed an antibiotic. He never told me my diagnosis; I guess he agreed with my personal evaluation. He also gave me some sort of nasal spray I have to use at bedtime. I've taken two of the antibiotics so far and have done the nose stuff. I don't feel much better yet. I think it's going to take a lot of rest over the weekend. That's going to be sort of hard to get, though. Mike's brother-in-law (I don't know if that makes him my BIL or not??) may or may not be coming to visit tomorrow. He has business in Delaware and eastern Pennsylvania, so he figured he might as well stop in for a night. That's fine by us, of course, but it means I have to get the house looking halfway decent. It's not that easy to do when--
  • you have a toddler running around who is terrified of the vacuum cleaner,
  • you have a dog that would rather pee in the kitchen than go out in the rain,
  • you have a husband that steps in the dog pee while trying to clean it up (bless Mike!),
  • you have a self-diagnosed sinus infection.
But sweet Mike took W to Wegmans with him so that I could vacuum and because we desperately needed milk, fruit and bread. I've vacuumed the first floor and think I might just skip the second floor. I still have to clean both bathrooms, but can't do the second floor one until Mike does the snake-drain thingy on the sink because it's clogged.
This all goes back to what Mike and I say... It's so fun being a grown-up! You get to do whatever you want whenever you want to do it! If you're sick and you want to clean the house, by all means, go right ahead!
I'm working on a new cross stitch. It's a Lizzie Kate snippet called Summer. I am going to make it into a pillow for my living room when it's completed. There are three others similar to it for the other seasons. I have the Winter one (both the Summer and Winter were included in that big lot of patterns I got on Ebay a few months ago) that I might also do if this one turns out well.
I ordered a spring-themed cross stitch pattern a few days ago. It's by The Trilogy and it's called Spring Line-up. I thought the colors were pretty and I liked the little designs on it. It's a candidate for a seasonal-use pillow as well once it's stitched.

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