Monday, January 7, 2008

Making progress

I've finished two big cross stitch projects in the past couple of days. One says "Bless our Family" and the other "Bless our Home". One is an anniversary gift for a special couple and the other is to hang in our own home. Michael's has a 60% of framing special right now (usually it's only 50% off) so I am going to go by there either today or tomorrow to see how expensive it would be to have them framed. They are both awkward sizes so it isn't really possible to get ready-made frames for either.
My mother-in-law gave me a book with over 50 embroidery stitches in it for Christmas. I learned three of them last night. They would look pretty on napkins, placemats, etc.
W's has learned how to "gimme five." When you hold out your hand and say "gimme five," he grins and pats your hand with his. It's super cute. Mike and I taught him how to do it last night by going back and forth giving each other "five". When he had seen it a few times, I held out my hand, said "gimme five," and BAM! He's such a little monkey.
Tonight's the big night for my Tigers. We were supposed to go over to our friends' house to watch the game and eat good food, but since we've both been sick, we don't really want to push it. They tried to convince us to come anyway by saying that they had been sick too, but we just don't want to "mix our sicks" as Mike puts it. Plus, Mike needs his rest tonight, as tomorrow is his first day on the job in NYC. He's going to be going in every day for the next two weeks, then every Monday for the foreseeable future. I guess I really need my rest too, since it'll make for a really long day here with W, seeing as how Mike won't get home from the city until after midnight! But it's a great career opportunity for him, so I'm up for whatever it takes to make it happen!


Alice said...

How exciting for Mike and sad for you guys! I hate that you won't get to see him as much!

Mama Can-Can said...

that is late!
i will cheer for LSU tonight for you...