Thursday, January 3, 2008

NYC pics

As promised, here are some pics from our day in NYC. Unfortunately we don't have very many; the ones my mom took were all blurry because there was something wrong with her camera.

Here's a picture of W, Dad, me and Mike at the Hamilton train station waiting for the train to NYC.

Me and W waiting for the train right by the tracks; we could see the headlight off in the distance.

Here we are on the train going into the city; W was sleeping, Mike was reading the paper, and I was wishing I could be working on a Sudoku. Just kidding; there's not much that can top a sleeping toddler!
Our view when we exited Penn Station: the Empire State Building.
The Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center; it was SOOOO crowded!

Ice skaters on the rink at Rockefeller Center; isn't the statue cool??

A very blurry picture of W and his daddy in F.A.O. Schwarz; he loved running into and rolling on top of these pink puppy dogs.
View of the Chrysler Building looking south down Lexington Avenue. Note the dirty-water-dog stand in the foreground.
A fellow LSU fan in the park at Union Square! Geaux Tigers!
A self-portrait on our way home on the train after our mama-daddy fancy-schmancy dinner. What a day!

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