Friday, January 25, 2008

NYT Endorsements

A newspaper endorsement is not the be-all and end-all for a political campaign. However, after reading the NYT's endorsement of Hillary Clinton, I think I know who's going to get my vote in a few weeks. The endorsement is honest, straightforward and fair. Hillary is not treated with kid-gloves, nor are her opponents bashed. To read it, click here.
For those of you who tend to gravitate towards the other end of the political spectrum, you can read about who the NYT endorses for the Republican primary here. Especially interesting is the NYT's explanation as to why they are not endorsing Giuliani.


Mama Can-Can said...

i really can't decide between clinton and obama. seriously, i like them the same. what is a girl to do?

Robert said...

I posted a reaction to the Time's endorsement of McCain on the blog to Sonjiala's new site L'├ętandard Sanglant. My reaction is here--Bloody Flag: Our Gratitude, but Not our Endorsement.

I had a friend look at the blog. He said "Boy, it's political." But, the site itself is really a culture site.

I really can't understand though why anyone would even consider voting for someone who had been tortured for years. But, I still don't understand why no one ever mentioned that it was insane if you were worried about terrorist to elect a Vice-President, whose primary job is President in waiting who has severe heart problems. But I guess who is funner drinking beers with the reporters is what we really need to know.

Little Miss Sew and Sow said...

MCC, go with your gut. Unfortunately, MS's primary election has virtually no impact on the nomination process. So while one hates to say that a vote doesn't "count", it sort of doesn't matter too much which one you choose. Sucks, doesn't it?