Sunday, January 27, 2008


I had one of the ickier moments of motherhood thus far this morning. I was getting W ready to go to the grocery store. After finding his shoes (one was in his bedroom, the other in the kitchen), I corralled him long enough to get them on his feet. One on--great! As I reached inside the other shoe to adjust the tongue, my fingers felt something cold and mushy. Oh my. I was afraid to look. Upon closer inspection, I realized that SOMEONE had squirreled away some banana (for later enjoyment??). Of course I had already mushed it up really well when I initially nonchalantly reached inside the shoe. So it was really fun to get all the mushed up banana out.
Okay, granted, that's not really really really gross. In the grand scheme of gross things one can encounter with a little person, it wasn't too bad. I mean, it doesn't rank up there with getting pooped on. But still, for today, it reached my limit of grossness.
Oh, and he fussed when I put the banana in the trash can. I guess he wanted to eat it or something. Maybe he really was saving it for later!


Andie said...

Nice. Does he wear overalls? Because my brother was notorious for surreptitiously squirreling away food for later in there. Be sure to check the pockets before you do laundry - we had Spaghetti-O's in the washer and dryer one time.

Black Betty said...

ewww...gross! :)

at least it wasn't a bug or something...