Monday, February 11, 2008


Daddies are wonderful people. I am lucky enough to know two really wonderful daddies very well. One is my husband. The other is my own daddy. He is here for a brief visit. He had been in DC for work (at the NASDA conference representing MS) for the past few days and took the train up to NJ today. W and I picked him up at the train station around 3:30 this afternoon. He'll be here until mid-day Wednesday. Like I said, it's a short visit, but it's so nice to get to see him. He's such a great guy. When I look back on the times we didn't get along so well, I don't really regret those times. I think the rough times are what has made our relationship so good and strong. I know I'm pretty fortunate to have a father that I love and respect; I'm so thankful for my dad.

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Alice said...

Daddy's are very special people! We're so blessed to have good ones and have married good ones