Thursday, February 14, 2008

Good karma on my way?

So W and I went to Target today. I needed a new nursing bra because the underwire in mine had worked its way out and was poking me (ouch!). Got that, some hairspray, Sesame Street books from the dollar bin and Goldfish crackers and headed to the checkout. Total damage? $11.something. That didn't seem right... But I took my change from the clerk and headed out to my car. Hmm, I thought. Did I actually put the bra in my cart? I thought it cost $12.99. That's not right... Bag check--sure enough, there's the bra. Sure enough, it's not on my receipt. At this point, it was after 3 and I needed to get W home for his nap. I called Mike for advice. Do I go back and pay for the bra now? Do I call them when I get home? What do I do? His advice: "Go back in now, or else the Target Police might come after you, dear." Hmm. Re-park car. Get W back out of car-seat. Go back in store (at least it wasn't raining or snowing!). I went to Customer Service where a "Rodney" (who was actually a female) helped me out. S/He was super-nice and was actually surprised that I had come back to pay for it. The best part about this was that s/he gave me a discount for my honesty! Awwww, how nice. Maybe this'll bring me some good karma!
We really enjoyed having my dad here. I think W really had a good time with him. He really liked wearing my dad's "hunter's orange" hat for some reason. We got lots of silly pictures of him in it. Got Dad off to the train station this morning. He was flying out of Newark, through Atlanta, then on to Jackson. His flight was all messed up yesterday because of the nasty weather, but it looks like all went smoothly today. After depositing him, I went by the gym and did my workout. Felt good about that.
Got home from the gym and called Notre Dame High School because (get this!) my paycheck arrived yesterday for subbing that I did a few weeks ago and stuck to the envelope was another envelope with what I assume was a check for another sub, one of the nuns from a nearby convent. How bizarre is that--the envelope was stuck to mine from its origins at the school all the way to my mailbox! That poor nun. I'm sure she's thinking, "When I took the vow of poverty I still thought I'd get my paycheck for putting up with those little hellions!" Just kidding, the kids at NDHS are actually pretty awesome and very well-behaved. I much prefer subbing there to other schools. In fact, I sort of reneged on a sub job a few weeks ago at the local public high school to take a job at NDHS. I didn't feel uber-guilty about doing that, as the public school has an online automated sub-finder thingy, so I didn't have to talk to a real person, nor did I have any concern that they wouldn't find a sub by the next day. So all that is to say that when I called NDHS to ask what they wanted me to do with the renegade mail, the secretary said that she had just emailed me to see if I could sub tomorrow. Of course! So I'm taking back the nun's check when I go in for work tomorrow.
My Valentine celebration that started yesterday with the delivery of two dozen roses from my dear husband continued this morning when he gave me another sweet gift--my favorite candle in the entire world. It's the Seda France Japanese Quince candle. I've been hooked on this candle since 2004 when I first got a whiff of it at some fancy-schmancy store in Jackson. I snatched one up, ignoring the price tag because it is just so delicious. Oprah raves about it, but I try to ignore that fact. So after hearing my not-so-subtle hints for the past month, Mike got one for me (to shut me up!) for V-day. So nice.
W loves his books. He's so cute when he goes and sits by his book basket and takes the books out one at a time and "speed reads" each one. I snapped some pics of him doing that the other night; here's one of him reading "Freight Train" by Donald Crews:
It's a nice little bit of quiet time for everyone when he does that. ::smile::


Black Betty said...

happy heart day! xoxo

Alice said...

that was the right thing to do...both times. What goes around comes around!!