Sunday, February 24, 2008

A quiet Sunday

Mike woke up yesterday with a sore throat, but didn't feel rotten enough to skip out on our day trip to northern Jersey. The baby shower for my friend from Smith was really nice; Mike and W went to a huge mall and found a play area there that kept them busy. When we got home, all three of us crashed. When we woke up from late afternoon naps, Mike was not feeling any better, so we decided to forgo the dinner with his work buddies. Another time, I suppose. We also missed out on church this morning because of how he was feeling. We sat around and were lazy; Mike read the paper, I worked on some embroidery and W played with his books and blocks. Not a bad morning, but I was sorry to miss out on part four of the pastor's four-part series on character. It's nice that he puts his sermons online; I'll be able to get the message that way this week.
As promised, here are some pictures that I took of the snow we had on Friday. Don't be too envious--it's starting to melt and it's slushy and gross out now! This is what our parking lot looked like on Friday morning. You can see the Bobcat in the background that is pushing the snow out of the way into a huge pile off to the side.
This is what W's wagon looked like. It was filled to the top with snow!
At first, W was a little apprehensive about the snow. He wasn't sure what to think of it because it was deep, relative to him. Note that we kept him in his dino pajamas--we just put on his boots, coat and hat to go out!
Then he got a little braver and started walking (trudging/stumbling) around.

Getting even braver...
Our neighbor had a W-sized sled in her basement that her two boys had outgrown, so she loaned it to us. W loved being pulled around the neighborhood on the sled. He looked like he was in a two-man parade (with his daddy pulling). I guess I was the "mamarazzo", snapping pics all the while.
When we went out later in the day, we put him in the snowsuit I got for him last spring (at Target, for $3.74--what a deal!). It was too big, and once we got him in his boots and coat as well, he looked like the Michelin boy!


Mama Can-Can said...

W is so cute! i can't wait to see him and YOU in the next few weeks! love you!

Black Betty said...

he is too cute! i LOVE the hat! :)

can't wait until your visit.


p.s. thanks for the card. you are one in a million. :)

Alice said...

loving the hat!!!!