Sunday, March 2, 2008

Accomplishments today

Even though we didn't make it to church this morning, I've managed to get some stuff done that makes me feel productive (we didn't go to church because we all slept late--past 9!). Anyway, Mike stumbled off to work around 11 because he remembered he was filling in for someone. I think he was going to try to jet out of there around 4:30 though, so he should be home any minute. Whether or not he's going into NY tomorrow for work is questionable. If I had my way, he'd stay home in bed.
So what have I gotten done? Well, let's see. W and I went to the library to get some items we had requested last week that had been delivered. We picked up a book for Mike that he has been itching to read--it's the second novel by "James Church," which is the pseudonym of a guy who remains anonymous because he's a former intelligence agent of some sort that still dabbles in top-secret stuff. Mike wanted the book because it's set in North Korea. He read the first one by this guy last year (The Corpse in the Koryo) and enjoyed it, so he is pretty excited about this new release. We also got Sesame Street Old School, Volume 1, discs 1 and 2. Our library (for some odd reason) only has disc 3, so we had to request 1 and 2 from a different library. These DVDs show episodes from the very first Sesame Street shows (1969-1974). The third thing that was on hold for us was for ME. It's a book about crewel embroidery but with a modern twist. It's called The New Crewel (by Katherine Shaughnessy) and it got rave reviews on Amazon. I've never tried crewel before but I have a couple of pieces that my grandmothers did and they are absolutely gorgeous. The designs in this book are funky and colorful--I can't wait to try my hand at crewel.
A few days ago I finished two little stitching projects. They are both t-shirts. One is for W and one is for his cousin I's first birthday. On W's t-shirt I embroidered a little monkey eating a banana. On I's shirt I embroidered a dog on a skateboard. Both designs came from an iron-on set I got at the craft store a few weeks ago. They turned out great. I can't wait for the weather to warm up so that W can wear his!W's monkey shirt--
I's dog shirt--

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Black Betty said...

the monkey shirt is adorable!