Saturday, March 22, 2008

W in MS, Saturday

We had a big day today. We started off with some banana for breakfast. We then headed to the Brandon City Park. We tried to fly our Elmo kite but the wind wasn't steady enough. We also tried to swing, but they had removed the little kid swings. So it was a little bit of a bust. The upshot was that there were a couple of ladies there setting up for a birthday party and they gave W one of the balloons they were decorating the picnic pavillion with. Unfortunately we forgot to take the camera with us to the park. We did, however, remember to take it with us when we went to the Crossgates Lake this afternoon to feed the ducks.
We saw three different broods of baby ducks. They were losing their yellow fluff and turning brown. They were adorable!
W enjoyed chasing the geese. I'm not sure the geese really enjoyed it. Watch out, goose!
Afterwards we went to Brewster's for ice cream. I had never been there before; the ice cream I had (cake batter) was delish!
After an afternoon nap, W had big fun playing in Ace and Burdy's big backyard.
After watching Hobo go in and out through the hole in the screen door, W decided it would be neat to do so as well.
He still loves his cowboy hat.

Hello!W and Hobo exploring the Great Outdoors.

W is looking for leaf treasures beneath the tree.

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Black Betty said...

i LOVE the red cowboy hat...too cute!

it was great seeing your face friday night. i miss you! xoxo