Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's been 10 years?!

That's right. My 10 year high school reunion is fast approaching. I just got the scoop on it today. It's scheduled for July 19, which stinks for 2 reasons:
  1. July 19 is W's 2nd bday
  2. my mom will be here from July 17 till July 23
I'm a little irritated that it's schedule so soon. Most of my classmates are still in MS, so it's not a big deal for them to make it. For me, though, it's different. Airfare has gotten more expensive over the past few months, and Continental just announced (as I posted earlier) that they're getting rid of the non-stop flight from Newark to Jackson.
Awhile back, Mom generously offered to "treat" me to a trip down for the reunion. I'm torn, though. I'd want Mike to come with me, but even with Mom paying for one ticket, it'd be around $300 just for airfare, plus getting/paying a house/petsitter and the $100 per couple for the event itself to cover food, DJ, space rental, non-alcoholic bevvies (there's a cash bar), and "decorations".
Not to mention the fact that I haven't exactly been the best at keeping up with my classmates. When do I see them, it's nice and all, but I'd say I haven't spoken to probably 85%+ since graduation. Is it worth shelling out close to $700 for this? Mike didn't go to his, and that was back when we were still living in MS (I was 8 months preggo and pretty much confined to the bed/couch, but that's besides the point). So I guess you could say that I'm torn as to what to do. That money would go pretty far in my kitchen remodel....


Black Betty said...

my reunion was okay (i was five months preggo and needed a few glasses of wine to get thru). it would not have been worth $700 to attend. i went to see about 10 people that i don't usually see on a yearly basis. everyone else was like they were in high school...not much had changed. the jerks were still jerks and the cheerleaders were still bobble-heads. the reunion is pretty much a 'my wang's bigger than yours' show instead of 'it's good to see you' catch-up.

save the $700 and dump it into the remodel. :)

azachick said...

I agree. You'll spend $700 to get there, and then the locals won't bother coming because they see each other all of the time anyway. At least that was the experience at mine. It's annoying when you put in all of the effort to come from out-of-state. Stay in NJ and enjoy your mom's visit!


Mama Can-Can said...

we didn't even have a 10 year reunion????