Sunday, April 6, 2008

Last night

Well, we went out last night and had a nice time. We did not, in fact, wind up seeing a movie. We were planning to see Leatherheads, but when I was checking showtimes, I read some reviews, none of which were very favorable. We thought about seeing another movie, 21 or The Bank Job, but in the end, settled for having a low-key late dinner at TGIFriday's while watching the Final Four on the big screen TVs at the bar. We wandered around Barnes and Noble for a little while, too, which was pleasant. When we got home, we peeked in through the window to see Justin, the babysitter, sandwiched between a sleeping Maggie and sleeping Kramer on the sofa. It's nice to know they miss us when we're gone... Yeah right!
Big score of the day: I needed new athletic shoes. I had been wearing the same pair of New Balances for a ridiculously long time and needed a new pair, not necessarily a fancy-schmancy pair, for the gym. So I got some Asics at Kohl's today. When I tried them on, they fit great. It was hard to tell how much they cost (of course) so I went to the "price check" kiosk. Originally $69--on clearance for $13.99. What?! They had two pairs left, both in my size. I guess not that many people wear 6-and-a-half?? Really, I should have gotten both pairs, I suppose, to have another pair when this pair goes ka-put. But I didn't think of that then--I was so thrilled about my great deal. This is what my shoes look like, except that they're purple where the blue is:
I also got a silly t-shirt in the juniors section. It's incredibly tacky, but I love it. It's got characters from Sesame Street all over it. W loves it. It's definitely a "wear around the house" shirt, not only because of the design on it, but also the fit. You know how all the stuff in juniors is incredibly tight... The largest size they had was a large, and it fits me like a glove. No dryer for this shirt! I hate my shirts being uber-tight, so I won't be wearing it out in public. But it's a great shirt. It makes me happy.


Alice said...

I have a sesame street "wear-around-the-house-shirt" too for when Aidan was little...she loved it!

Bardwell said...

You're blogging your dates?

Personally, I would like to see some liveblogging of W eating. Seriously. I can see it now..."11:02 a.m. -- W burps up; half-digested pea travels 18 inches." At least think about it.