Saturday, April 12, 2008

We FINALLY uploaded pictures!

We hadn't uploaded pictures from our camera to the computer since Easter, so here are some pictures of things I've been working on lately. Also, here are some recent (well, a month ago) pictures of W.
Here is the pillow I made out of the Spring Line-Up cross stitch I did.
Here's a side view of the pillow. By the way, this was the first thing I sewed on my sewing machine! Not bad, huh?
Here are the shirts I embroidered for the church's silent auction that was held last Friday night.
Here's a picture of Mike and W from our visit to the Gulf Coast. We spent a few days there visiting his parents when we went down to MS for Easter.
There's a really cool kids' museum in Gulfport. W had a great time exploring all the neat stuff they had.
There was a "train" that W enjoyed. He liked putting the "coal" into the "fire box". The coal was actually chunks of black foam.
There was an "airplane" that W liked piloting. He really likes steering wheels. He let Mike co-pilot for a little while.
Here's W challenging his Grandpa Bobbly to a rousing game of Tic Tac Toe.

Outside the museum they had some nice play structures. One was supposed to be a train. Here's W crawling through one of the train "cars".
Totally unrelated, here's W's first self portrait. He knows how the camera works; I found him with it a few weeks ago and he was taking his own picture with it. Very nice.


Jayme said...

Hello, I grew up on the MS gulf coast and my brother's family 2 neices live in Brandon. I was wondering where on the Gulf Coast that pic was taken? I've never seen that. I took my little boy to the Discovery Cent in Gpt the last time i was home. I have pics on my blog too. Jayme

black betty said...

too cute! :)

Mama Can-Can said...

cute pics!