Monday, June 23, 2008


When I was a preteen and young teen (13, 14), I would try to rustle up summer work for myself from the neighbors. I mainly babysat, but I did a lot of petsitting as well. I had to chuckle when a neighbor's daughter left a flier at our door this morning, advertising similar services. I've copied it word-for-word, including her spelling and punctuation/emphasis, as well as tried to show her color scheme:

Need a worker, who is responceible?

Need a baby-sitter, organizer, car washer, someone to take out the garbage, dog walker, or someone to get rid of your weeds? My name's X and I am looking for work over the summer. I am 13 years old and I have 4 brothers. 3 of which are younger than me. I have taken a baby-sitters course and have much experience in baby-sitting. In addition to this, my brothers are very messy and I often have to clean up after them. In this I have learned how to organize. I have 2 cats and used to have 4. (2 of them died recently). My mom uses me a lot to do chores, watch kids, and do other things. I am willing to work out prices and days to do these things. If you are interested call the number below.

Hey, good for her!! She used glittery gold ink for emphasis (where I did the yellow above). I've used her for babysitting before and she's fantastic. W really likes her. She'll definitely be getting a call from me!


rachel said...

that is cute!

Deanna said...

Best work experience she will ever get! I know it was for me.