Sunday, November 9, 2008

A fine dining experience

Since the weather was so gross yesterday afternoon, we did one of our favorite rainy-day activities--went to Ikea! The nearest Ikea for us is in Elizabeth, near Newark and right across the river from NYC. You can even see the Newark airport from the Ikea restaurant. Traffic was horrible all the way there, so by the time we got there, we were all hungry. You gotta love a furniture store with a restaurant. And I'm not talkin' Miskelly's. This place has everything--Swedish meatballs, pasta, salad bar, wraps... So the three of us ate dinner for less than $10, AND got a table overlooking the airport, which W really liked. Our mission was to find a child-size dining set for W. Our kitchen table/chairs are counter-height, which means that W cannot sit there easily. The Montessorian in me wanted him to have something on his own level. So this is what we wound up getting:
Mike and I just put it together. It was surprisingly easy. Since the wood is unfinished, we can either paint it or stain it. I'm inclined to stain it the same color as our kitchen table/chairs, which is a dark, dark brown. While I'd like to paint it in fun colors, that would sort of detract from the rest of the kitchen/dining room palate of red and brown. I'm open to suggestions, though.


i'm black betty said...

that is pics after you stain it!!! :)

mrs. misenar said...

it would be cute in a blue. :)