Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jeopardy! episode live blogging

This is Jeopardy! Please welcome today's contestants... There I am. Cheesy head nod. Oh, hi Stevie! Where are the truffles you promised to mail me? Oh, hi Alex. God, I am so nervous. Alex just said my name... TV Robots, right? That's when my stomach did a backflip. THat was it for me. I knew where this was going at that point. Knew that one about Rosie on the Jetsons. Am I even there? Haven't rung in yet... Lost in Space... Yeah, that was me at this point. Holy moly. Canterbury. Yes, got one. Battle of Hastings, right? Didn't ring in in time; either that or was too fast... Of course he gets the DD at this point. Knew the answer to the DD as well. Crapola. First break. I am feeling like bleh at this point on the show, because there were several I knew but couldn't get the hang of the buzzer. Now they're touching up our makeup and doing our "Hometown Howdies". Alex is having to re-record a clue from a previous episode. Yeah, you think he has perfect pronunciation, right? Wrong. They just re-record whatever he messes up. I wish they could've done that for me!! Now the stage assistants are making sure my buzzer is working. Yeah, it's working. I just can't work it. Here comes Alex, ready for the interview section. Milt: I've lived in all four of the US states that are actually Commonwealths. BO-RING. Yeah, tantalizing. Lame. I wonder how many times he practiced this bit. Oh, it's me, now. Yes, I cooked with Julia Child. Didn't blow that, thank goodness. Oh, and Stevie the Harpist. Very cool. He was sitting in a director's chair for the game; I'm not sure what the problem was, but he couldn't stand for long periods of time. Oh, here we go again. Got one! Oops, missed one. Rare Earth? Is that even a band?? I think I made that up. Thank goodness i got the one about dalmations- I had one as a kid. Here I am again, not able to get my buzzer timing right... Of course i get one right about a hair dryer. Oh, good save, Carrie, Radio Flyer. And grill, thank goodness I got that one, since Mike likes to grill so much. Plaitnum. Oh, tricky, Alex. Hello, Carrie, where are you? Of course I am going first in Double Jeopardy... Geez. Oh, the weather report pops on during the commercial--we're due for a winter storm overnight and tomorrow. Happy Birthday to me! I asked one of the stage people if anyone had ever barfed on the set (from nerves)... She said no, but that a couple of contestants had passed out. That tidbit of information was not especially helpful or encouraging. Thanks a bunch.
Oh, another Santa category... Remember this was taped in October. Oh, didn't understand the clue on that one, but I get it now. The second I hear these clues online, the answer pops right into my head. It's just so frustrating... Sweet, I knew this DD of course, about Sylvia Plath (fellow Smithie!!) I was telling Mike last night how I don't feel like I can even enjoy the show now. Let me explain... I don't know if it's like this for you or not, but for me, I used to watch the show, thinking, gosh, those people ought to know these answers, these questions aren't that hard, right? Well, it's one thing to know the answers when you're sitting in your living room, it's another thing to be sitting there with those bright lights, the audience, trying to get the damn buzzer to work! I never realized how difficult playing the game actually is! So... Okay, I don't think I answer any more after this point (the Santa category). Geez. Symphonies?! Are you kidding me? I think I was just thankful at this point that it was almost over. I think I might have even put my "signaling button" down by now... Holy cannoli. Oh, that's cute, the bows around/over me. Nice, guys. Another commercial. Come on, Alex, just tell us what the final category is gonna be. Quotations.
So I'm there just thinking, well, they have about the same amount, so they have to bet a lot of money. So what's my bet going to be? Nothing. Zilch. Nada. Zero. The stage crew comes by to check on our wagers... Mine solicits a "perfect wager" comment, bringing me to my highest point of the entire show. Basically, the two guys just have to get the answer wrong, and I become the champion with big $1200!! Oh, here's the clue. I knew it right off the bat. Let's see how confident I look. Yup, I'm done writing, and the guys are still writing. I really felt like I might cryBut alas, it's not to be. At least I got it right, though. It would have been really embarassing to miss a question about Jefferson Davis, being from Mississippi and all. Oh, there's the phone. It's our friend Nick. And beeping in is my co-worker Marcia (former Miss Peru, for real!). So that's it from me. Over and out, TV Land!


i'm black betty said...

happy burfday!! :D

Roz said...

So did you whin any money? Have you ever seen the skit on snl? All I know is there is always one guy who don't know a danm thing and that guy would be me..haha

The Minstrel Boy said...

i just emailed you about the truffles. having just this very morning recovered your email and website from the shoulderbag i had them stashed in.

truffles will ensue my dear, heavy on the whities. (see i'm just disorganized, not forgetful)

did you notice that the guy who administered the beatdown to milt went on to win 6? go jim, vindicate us!

my postcode is idist which is a person who lives at the whims of impulse.

the high point of the trip for me was monday night in the hotel bar. nicolle, bill, and you were charming and delightful companions.