Monday, December 22, 2008


We had a fantastic weekend. Friday was my 29th birthday. We got out of school early due to winter weather. It was snowy at the school, but as we traveled south toward home, the snow turned to slush. Thank goodness the salt trucks had been out. I can handle driving in snow okay, but the slush is really yuck. So we got home earlier than normal and W took his nap at home (which meant that I was able to have one too!). Of course Mike didn't get home until regular time (9:30), which meant we didn't really celebrate, but that was alright.
It was alright because the next night we had all our friends/neighbors and their kids over! I made a huge crock-pot of chili, and people brought other yummy treats and a cornucopia of beer and wine. It was definitely a feast that would make Bacchus proud! Folks started coming over around 5, so W got some good playing in with the other children. I don't know how he did it, but W went to sleep around 7 and managed to sleep through the rest of the evening's festivities. It wasn't an especially late night, as Mike and I had agreed to keep the toddler nursery at church for the following day...
We only had three kids in the nursery. One was a "crier" but I immediately intervened and worked some of my newly-attained Montessori "Toddler Whisperer" magic on her. She calmed down pretty quickly and joined the boys at the sand table without much ado. After church, we drove s-l-o-o-o-w-l-y home, as the roads were incredibly icy from all the slush. We ate leftover chili and took naps, which was heavenly. The afternoon included a trip to the library to get a Bob the Builder video for W. I don't know where he's picked up on BTB, but he really likes him. So we indulged that little desire. On the way home, we saw a beautiful desk chair out at the curb to be picked up by the garbage man. I said, "Stop! GO BACK!" We went back, Mike got out and checked it for major problems, and, seeing none, loaded it into the car. It actually is very similar to the one pictured above (middle chair), but it has wheels and is lighter in color. We're going to refinish it and use it at our computer desk in our den. It's quite lovely, and very comfortable.
It's been incredibly cold. It got down to 14 on Sunday night and only got up to around 22 yesterday. Today was a little warmer, getting up to around 30 and less windy. It's supposed to continue to warm between now and when we fly out for MS, so that's a good thing, as it means we are less likely to encounter delays.
I have quite a few things to cross of my to-do list between now and then...
  1. make chocolate-covered pretzels for neighbors
  2. make cookies for church Christmas Eve reception
  3. meet/greet at church Christmas Eve pageant at 4 pm tomorrow
  4. clean house in preparation for pet/house sitter
  5. finish laundry
  6. find digital camera (?!)
  7. pack for myself and W
  8. celebrate Christmas with Mike and W tomorrow, as Mike has to work on Christmas Day
  9. attend neighbor's Christmas gathering on Thursday
  10. catch 6 am flight out of Newark on Friday
And once we get back into town on January 2...
  1. write six 3-page papers for Montessori Philosophy class (due first week of January)
  2. sew placemats and napkins for toddler lunch group at school

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The Minstrel Boy said...

when you chocolate cover your pretzles do you temper? i have some quick and easier techniques for that if you're interested.

tempered chocolate is far better than those "coating" things. although if you go with white stuff (which i imagine you will) there's really no need.

the best ways to get tempered chocolate are to use either the microwave in short increments, stirring in between each or (my personal favorite) use a back heating pad and slowly melt the chocolate. if you never allow the melted stuff to go above 99° and keep adding in shreds of tempered chocolate, it will come out tight and shiny every time.