Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Checking my list

I am steadily crossing things off my to-do list... But there are some things that are getting added. C'est la vie.
  1. make chocolate-covered pretzels for neighbors--DONE
  2. make cookies for church Christmas Eve reception--DONE
  3. meet/greet at church Christmas Eve pageant at 4 pm tomorrow--DONE
  4. clean house in preparation for pet/house sitter--Sorta DONE
  5. finish laundry--DONE
  6. find digital camera (?!)--DONE
  7. pack for myself and W--Sorta DONE
  8. celebrate Christmas with Mike and W tomorrow, as Mike has to work on Christmas Day--DONE
  9. attend neighbor's Christmas gathering on Thursday
  10. catch 6:36 am flight out of Newark on Friday
  11. Plan get-together with MS friends

1 comment:

Roz said...

hope you had a great christmas.