Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What do you listen to...?

...in the car, that is. These days, I often have toddler-appropriate music playing in the car. When I'm on my own, however, I am able to indulge in a little NPR-listening. I heard an interesting report tonight about teens and sex. The report focused on sexual content on TV shows. Now, this isn't anything new, but it was thought-provoking. Some people interviewed asserted that shows like Gossip Girl influence teens to engage in sexual behavior. I contend (and they did not touch on this point) that teens that watch shows that are risque (and I can't really say that Gossip Girl is risque, really, since I've never watched it, but for the sake of argument...) have less supervision and are therefore more likely to have opportunities to engage in sexual activities. I mean, my parents didn't let me watch 90210 when it first started in the early 90s (I really was too young for the show then--12 or 13), they were totally involved in my life, and I would have never dreamed of having sex anywhere within a million-mile radius of them. So maybe there's a connection somehow, but not in the way the researchers think... What do you think?
Also heard on NPR, the radio cartoon of the day. Listeners go online and look at the cartoon and come up with possible captions. Here's the cartoon (which I think is just absolutely hilarious), along with the cartoonist's caption--
Here's my favorite alternative caption from an NPR listener: "So, when did Mrs. Claus' interest in "reindeer games" begin to subside?"

Finally, I ran across this little gem on the NPR website as well. It made me think of my dearest friend, Rachel. So Rachel, as a little welcome back from the paradise of Jamaica, this cover of "Such Great Heights" by Ben Folds. This little treat definitely put a smile on my face.

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mrs. misenar said...

what a great version of this song!!!! thanks honey. love you!