Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The inauguration

It's happened. Barack Obama is the 44th POTUS. How happy was I to see that clip of #43 getting on that helicopter. I thought the celebrations surrounding the event were lovely... all except for Rev. Lowery's little "funny" at the end of his benediction. I am sure he was trying to be cute and funny, but the humor was lost on me. Why not ask people of ALL colors to "embrace what is right"? This only adds fuel to Obama's critics' fires. Sigh. Rick Warren definitely did the right thing by playing it straight (no pun intended!); his prayer was wholly appropriate and inspiring, IMHO.
Oh, and was John Roberts not told that he was to give the oath of office? Seems to me that he should have practiced his lines a bit more...
Be sure to check out Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson's prayer from an inauguration event held yesterday--it truly says it all, in beautifully-chosen words.
In other news, W is sick. He has a temperature of just over 100. I'm keeping him home tomorrow. Poor him. He has a snotty nose and a bad cough. He's a good sport, though. Very cuddly and sweet.


i'm black betty said...

lowey's comment was a slap in the face...definitely uncalled for.

Roz said...

what did he say..I must have missed that..I been in and out this week