Saturday, January 24, 2009

Two out of three...

... is bad! Two out of the three humans that live at our house are sick, and the other one isn't so tip-top, either. I have been feeling crummy on-and-off all week, and it's really hit me now. I think it's just a nasty cold. I have a bad cough and just feel bad in general. W hasn't been feeling so well either. He was absolutely pitiful when we left school yesterday, and he was pointing at his left ear, indicating that it hurt. He has only had one prior ear infection, but I automatically knew that it was that. So I called the pediatrician. Luckily, we were able to get right in to see the nurse practitioner. She was super-nice, and confirmed that he does, in fact, have an ear infection. She wrote us a script for amoxicillin, and off we went to the pharmacy. One Tootsie-Pop and dose of children's Motrin later, he was closer to being his old self. He was a semi-good sport about taking his anti-biotic at suppertime, so that was good. He's got to take it twice a day for ten days. Ugh. Not fun for anyone. I just hope he doesn't get the runs or any other nasty side-effects from it.
Unfortunately, this throws a crimp in my weekend plans. I was going to clean the house top-to-bottom. We are having our house re-appraised so that we can get a lower mortgage interest rate, and I really need to get it semi-presentable. Moreover, we have company next weekend. A dear, dear friend of ours from all the way back to middle school (for Mike) and high school (for me) is flying up from MS on Saturday and staying until Tuesday. We can't wait! Mike is super-excited; this is his absolute best friend in the entire world (besides moi, of course!), so he's really looking forward to this. He's even taking Monday off from work so that they can go into NYC together. As much as I'd like to tag along, the thought of taking W as well just isn't very appealing, believe it or not.
So I don't know when things are going to get done around here. Our schedules are such that it's difficult to get ANYTHING done, to be honest. Sigh.

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