Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Mike and I celebrated our Valentine's Day last night. A few weeks ago, I lucked out and won a $150 gift card to PF Chang's through my job. On top of that, a co-worker (I like to call her the Toddler Whisperer because she is SO AMAZING with the little people) offered to watch W for us so that we could go out and enjoy a nice dinner. So yesterday afternoon, we dropped W off at the Toddler Whisperer's house. He was in Seventh Heaven--he adores her. We had a delicious dinner--it was a good thing we made reservations, as the place was packed! Mike got duck, his fave, and I got a yummy, spicy chicken dish. We have about half our balance left on the gift card, so we're excited about being able to go back for another "Free" meal soon!
We exchanged our Valentines last night. I got Mike some fancy tea that he really likes--Zhena's Gypsy Tea. I got him three different varieties--Coconut Chai, Passionate Peach, and Egyptian Green Mint. Yum. For me, Mike got several lavender-scented items from Etsy. If you've never shopped on Etsy, you're missing out on a real treat. Speaking of treats, the big surprise for me was walking up to the house last night after dinner and discovering a big box from Mike had ordered two dozen roses for me.... They smell divine, and are absolutely beautiful. What can I say? My husband is a smart man.
W is obsessed with his training potty. He doesn't quite have his timing down yet; he asks to use it AFTER he's gone in his diaper... But at least he's making the connection, right??

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