Monday, May 25, 2009

Things that make me happy

My in-laws gave W this magnetic put-together tractor the last time they were up. It had been in the closet until today. As you can tell, it's a huge hit.

W is VERY PROUD of his tractor.

W and I picked strawberries with some friends of ours on Friday afternoon at a nearby farm. They were absolutely scrumptious! I also got some zinnias and "butterfly daisies" for the front yard.

On Saturday, we went to the farmers' market, where I got flowering tobacco plants (they have a lime green flower) to fill in the rest of my front beds.

Here are my zinnias (in the back), Wave petunias, and the flowering tobacco.

And my pride and joy, the lavender bush. It was a tiny, puny thing last year, and didn't bloom (they often don't in their first year). I pruned the heck out of it, and now look at it! It's about to bust open with some deliciously-fragrant blooms.

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