Friday, February 22, 2013

The Daily Show FAIL

So I am normally a huge fan of The Daily Show and Jon Stewart. However, Stewart got it wrong earlier this week. Take a look. Of course people automatically think White Southern Male of a Certain Age=Racist. I am so glad there are folks out there setting the record straight. My dad worked with Mr. Molpus for most of my childhood, and I grew up hearing him speak out and rally against the mindset which Jon Stewart accused him of having. I have never had anything but respect for him, having seen him weather the harsh political climate in Mississippi with grace and sincere good-heartedness. Really, Jon Stewart? Is it that unbelievable that such Southerners exist?

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graypapa said...

Prejudice and Hypocracy of any kind is hurtful and harmful. While most of us are guilty of such at one time or another, that is no reason not to check such feelings "at the door." Mr. Stewart's comments regarding Mississippi, while warranted on far too many occasions, were an example of his or his writers own prejudices toward a whole State. While generally a fan of Mr. Stewart's, his statement toward Mr. Molpus and his office make me wonder if I should find humor in his future protestations if they are no better researched than this one.