Saturday, November 17, 2007

Nick Saban=Waste of $$??

What?? Alabama lost to UL-Monroe?? Are you kidding me?? What must Nick Saban be thinking right now? I don't even know what to say.
And my Tigers pulled another fine win today against Ole Miss. Not a huge shock to anyone, but a good thing nonetheless. A friend of ours was lucky enough to (somehow) score tix to the game on the 6th row on the 40-yard line. He's a huge Tigers fan, so I know he was pretty pumped about the events of the day.
Mike's Mizzou Tigers pulled another win today as well. I am just holding my breath that the two Tiger teams don't face one another in the BCS National Championship matchup... Talk about a house divided!

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Bardwell said...

Forgive me for missing this personal detail, but when and for what reasons did you pledge devotion to LSU?