Tuesday, January 29, 2008

This is NOT good news

An excerpt from an article in the NYT today:

As long ago as last August, people at Dow Jones & Company, publisher of The Journal, said that Mr. Murdoch was musing about moving the paper out of the World Financial Center and into his company’s building on Avenue of the Americas at 48th Street. The News Corporation completed its purchase of Dow Jones on Dec. 13 for more than $5 billion.

Now the move is all but certain and should take place this year, according to Dow Jones executives who were granted anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the changes. The Journal’s newsroom will move, they said, along with some other Dow Jones offices; parts of the newsroom operation relocated in 2001 to South Brunswick. N.J., where the company has a printing plant, and the paper already has its advertising sales department in the Times Square area.

A move to Midtown would be embraced more readily by Journal employees than some other changes Mr. Murdoch has proposed. The Journal’s offices overlook the World Trade Center site, a raw daily reminder of Sept. 11, 2001. Many of those who died were known well by people at The Journal, and a cloud of toxic dust forced the paper and its neighbors to abandon the area for nearly a year.

The move would also make for easier commuting for people who live in the suburbs and take commuter trains and buses, which go to Midtown.

It's not set in stone, but it's pretty clear that something is in the works. If this happens, it would mean Mike would have to commute into the city every day for work. I am very upset about this possibility...

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