Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's all Greek to me!

Well, not really, but I don't understand most of the stuff on this menu. I'm not the most adventurous eater in the world, and when I am going to a new restaurant, I like to preview the menu first so that I can get a good idea about what I want. Mike and I have an opportunity to meet a group of his co-workers this Saturday night for dinner and drinks. The place is "Asian/Indian Fusion". I checked out the menu... I don't particularly care for Indian food (3 weeks in India didn't cure me of that, unfortunately), and the stuff that is less "ethnic" still involves coconut milk and yogurt marinade. Yogurt marinade? It's not exactly cheap either, which means anything I order is a bit of a risky investment. And the place is BYOB, which seems sort of weird, considering "drinks" is part of the event--what would I take? A bottle of wine? And the place is in New Brunswick, which isn't exactly close (40 minute drive, or we could take the train). So I have all these reasons for NOT going. But I do want to go and meet Mike's co-workers and prove that I'm not a figment of their imagination. And I've already asked a friend to come over and watch W.
What to do, what to do?


Alice said...

go, it'd be nice to have a "date night" with Mike, I'm sure!

Andie said...

It's always hard when a group decision on a restaurant leaves some people out in the cold... did any of those salads sound good? Or the grilled portabello? I'd bring either a bottle of riesling or Gewurtz (both stand up really well to spicy food) or some Indian beer. If you have a wine carrying case with a built-in cooling pack, that would probably be best considering the length of your trip. Go and have fun - you already have a sitter, and if it's horrible you have a whole car or train ride with Mike to make fun of it.