Thursday, February 21, 2008

Update on Saturday night plans

So we are going to go on Saturday night. I just emailed Mike at work to have him let the person who's organizing this get-together to count us in. Thanks to those of you who offered encouragement, as well as wine suggestions, to me. I'm the worst at trying new things and meeting new people. Well, not the worst, but not too good, either.
Saturday's shaping up to be a big day. I have a baby shower to go to in the afternoon for a friend from Smith. She's expecting her first baby in April. She's originally from northern NJ but now lives in the DC area; her family is throwing her a shower. It's in a place called Denville--I've already printed out my Google map! It's about an hour and a half drive from here, depending on traffic. I've got to allow myself plenty of time to get there, though, since we're supposed to get snow and ice for the next two days.
They don't know what the gender of the baby is (hubby wants to be surprised!). For the gift, I got something that W has and really loves. It's a small yellow blanket with a duck "head" attached. It's super-soft; W falls asleep with it every night. In fact, when I ordered the one for my friend's baby, I ordered another one for us to have as a back-up just in case something ever happens to our Duck. They have several different animals in different colors, but when I asked her about nursery theme, she said they are doing ducks, so it was a no-brainer to get her the same one we had. I just have to wrap it up and I'll be all set.
I was going to sub tomorrow, but after looking at the weather forecast, as well as taking into account that I haven't been able to go to the gym since Monday, I waived off. I have been going every-other-day, but got off track this week. I didn't go Tuesday because I had gone Monday; I didn't go Wednesday because we had the pastor from the church we've been going to come by for a visit (which went really well, btw); I didn't go today because Mike had to go to the dentist before work. So I'm really feeling yucky about not going and really want to get in there tomorrow morning around 8:30. As for the weather, it's supposed to start precipitating around 4 am--snow, I think--and is supposed to do that all day tomorrow with some change-over to ice in the afternoon. I'll stay inside, thank you very much.

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