Wednesday, June 11, 2008

For your viewing pleasure...

Here are some pictures that we downloaded from our digital camera last night. Of course some are from as far back as early May...

This is what greeted me on Mother's Day morning. Sweet.

W at the play set (early May, I think)
W on a Tractor at Terhune (late May)

W enjoying a complimentary apple at Terhune (late May)

W likes to put things on his head. Colanders are a favorite. Notice the shirt--it's one that I embroidered!
Very proud of himself...
Sitting in the driver's set of a REAL FIRE ENGINE at Pennington Day (Late May)
First time at the pool for this summer (last Saturday, June 7) His swim getup is a hoot. It's all SPF 50 fabric. He's so fair-skinned, so we can't be too careful.

So stylish! The motif is sharks and surfboards. Very cool.
And, as promised, a picture of my kitchen IN PROGRESS. We pulled out the backsplash and the wall was all rotted and gross behind the sink. We're ripping it out and replacing the wallboard with some stuff that's supposed to be water/mildew resistant. Our neighbors just did their kitchen and had the same problem behind their sink. Crappy construction!


rachel said...

wilson is so cute!

black betty said...

he is precious! :)