Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hotter than hot

It's hot. Not just warm. Hot. Today's forecast high is 96. Tomorrow's is 98. It was hot yesterday too, and we turned on the air conditioning for the first time this year. We even left it on all night last night because it only got down to the mid-70s. I know this is "regular" summer weather for Mississippi, but it's unusual for NJ. Just like it's weird to have super-cold weather in MS during the winter, it's weird to have consistently hot temperatures in NJ. I am thankful for the A/C.
Our kitchen is coming along... slowly. We took some cabinet doors down the other night and did the final coats of paint. When the doors were dry, we put on new hinges and handles. It is really nice looking.
I went to the grocery store early this morning to avoid having to go when it was even hotter with W. I think we're going to do the pool sometime today. We went yesterday and he had fun splashing about in the kiddie pool. There were some older kids romping around in it, which was annoying, since they really were TOO old for the kiddie pool. But I couldn't fault them too much for being in it since the regular pool was, in my opinion, far too cold for swimming. Of course there were lots of people in it, but all I can say to that is, "Yankees."

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black betty said...

it's hotter than a four-balled cat! :D