Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Last night

Last night I went with my friend/neighbor Peggy to my FIRST EVER Dave Matthews Band concert. I had a great time. The concert wasn't one of their better ones, according to Peggy, who's seen them over 80 times. I had to agree. The band just didn't seem that into it. It's understandable, in a way, since their long-time keyboardist quit just a few days ago, right before their tour kicked off. But still, it was a little disappointing to me that they didn't play more of their older stuff. I'm just not a huge fan of the newer stuff. The band did an amazing cover of Pink Floyd's Money, which was really worth the price of admission. Our seats were fantastic. The people we went with (folks Peggy knows through her DMB fan-dom) were super nice.
Here's the setlist from last night:
The Dreaming Tree
Grey Street
The Maker
So Damn Lucky
One Sweet World
Jimi Thing
Crash Into Me
Louisiana Bayou
You Might Die Trying

So they played okay songs, but not enough early stuff for my liking. I liked the first half of the concert much more than the last half. Money was sort of the turning point. That's also when it started raining (we were under the roof of the amphitheater, but there were lots of people out on the lawn.
I will definitely go see them play again when I get the chance.

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