Monday, July 21, 2008

The birthday party

Well, the party was a success. W had a couple of minor meltdowns, but I think he was just overwhelmed and a little irritated with the other kids getting into all his stuff and personal space. Overall, we all had a nice time. Here are some pictures from the Big Event.
W's last evening of being a one-year-old... Laid back!

The Birthday morning. See the big Thomas the Tank Engine floor pillow? I made that! It was my first time to do piping.

A close-up of the Thomas pillow. W loves it.

Playing T-ball with Daddy. It's a great W-sized set. Burdy and Ace gave it to him.

W with a gift from Grammy Lynn and Grandpa Bob--Dress-Up Joey. It's a Melissa and Doug toy (I love their stuff!) that has a little boy and lots of outfits that are magnetic. He can be a knight, firefighter, pirate (shown here), superhero, construction worker, etc. It's adorable. They have several different ones for little girls, too.

Cupcakes! The first batch wasn't a success. I forgot to add the butter. Mike made the second batch while Mom and I were at the NJ Shakespeare Theatre's production of "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare--Abridged" up in Morristown, about an hour from here. Sidenote: The play was fun, but they canceled Act II because one of the actors hurt his leg really badly in the final scene of the first act when he and another actor were chasing each other around.

Singing Happy Birthday to the birthday boy.

Cupcakes... yum!!!

Opening presents with friends... and Maggie.

Tired party animals!


rachel said...

wish we could have been there...

i'm black betty said...

looks like y'all had a blast...
those cupcakes look GOOD... :D

Alice said... big. I need to send his present!!! Love the cupcakes...