Friday, July 25, 2008


We like to walk downtown to the bagel store on Friday mornings when the weather is nice. We load W into his stroller and put Maggie on her leash; it's about a mile each way. This morning, on the way down there, I started getting awful hives on my legs. I usually take Zyrtec to help keep them away, but I haven't taken my Zyrtec in about a week because the doctor put me on Claritin-D to help clear up my sinuses and help my ears. The Claritin-D isn't effective against hives, and I've gotten a little itchy once or twice since being off the Zyrtec, but nothing compared to how I was this morning. When I got home, I took two Benadryl and got back into bed. The Benadryl got rid of the hives, thank goodness. Mike was so sweet to look after W so that I could let the medicine do its job.
My mom left on Wednesday morning. I don't know when I'll see her next. That makes me sad.

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