Saturday, January 10, 2009

Back in Jersey

W and I stayed in MS until Tuesday. The memorial service for Mr. Sut was on Sunday at Galloway UMC. There must have been over 350 people in attendance; what a testament to his life. The service was wonderful. The senior citizen singing group of which he was a member sang a peppy little tune. Both of Mr. Sut's sons-in-law are musical, so one played a gorgeous piano prelude, and the other sang a duet with a church member. The pastors conducted a tasteful, appropriate service that truly celebrated his life. Mr. Sut's grandson spoke to the congregation about Mr. Sut's love of life and for his friends. His message was so true and meaningful. It was truly a wonderful celebration of a wonderful person's life. The burial was on Monday, at Lakewood. It was cold and rainy, but there was a good crowd of close friends and family. Mr. Sut's older daughter, a Methodist minister from Memphis, conducted the service. Family and friends were invited to share memories, which was really nice.
I didn't share, but I had several warm, wonderful memories floating around my head as we stood there. I think my favorite, and oldest, memory is from when I was 4 years old. It was the first time I really remember going over to Sut and Posey's house; they lived in north Jackson, off of Old Canton Road, for decades before moving to a retirement community just a few years ago. Anyway, they had a big backyard complete with muscadine vines and fruit trees. There were wooden swings hanging from a tree, as well as a wooden picnic table set. We were over there for dinner, sitting outside at the picnic table. Like any 4 year old, I was fidgity, and scooting myself all over the benches. Bad idea. I wound up with dozens of splinters in my backside. Dinner was delayed as we all went inside to "operate" on my bottom. The Smith's and my parents laid me out, facedown, on a couch and positioned Posey's magnification/reading light over my bottom. As Mom, Dad and Posey plucked the splinters out, Mr. Sut fed me delicious strawberries to try to distract me. That was just him. The sweetness that was so welcome. I love that memory.
I also remember staying overnight with them when my parents would go out of town, spending the day with them when school was out for the summer, going to Swensen's for sandwiches and ice cream and going to church dinners with them at Galloway. I remember them being at my high school and college graduations (yes, they made the trek to Smith!). They sat as "honorary grandparents" at our wedding. As I said in a previous post, he and Posey are truly grandparents to me--I am truly blessed.
So yes, we are back in Jersey. We were all excited for snow today, but it really hasn't done much. I think W and I jinxed ourselves by going out to get a sled yesterday. We were supposed to have between 4-7 inches, but it's hardly covered all the grass. Darn.

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