Wednesday, April 29, 2009

For your viewing pleasure...

Here are some pictures from our various adventures over the past few weeks. Enjoy!
Here are the daffodils and tulips in my front garden. Notice the slate--a friend of mine was re-doing her front flower beds and got rid of the rocks--I snagged some for our yard!

Yay spring!

I liked these tulips in front of a church in Princeton.

Grrr! Here are Mike and W on top of one of the bronze tigers on the Princeton campus.

I had to include this one, just because W is just hilariously adorable with his finger stuck up his nose.

Ahh, now that's a nice family picture!

What is he looking at?!

Yup, that's a squirrel eating a donut out of a dumpster on the Princeton campus. A coconut-covered donut.And here's a different squirrel from a different dumpster in the same area eating a French fry.

Now that's a big door (Princeton campus).

Last weekend we went to an Earth Day celebration in Hopewell, a community about 15 minutes north of us. They had lots of activities for kids and neat stuff to see/do. W got to pet a chicken. I was really surprised at how soft the bird's feathers were. Seriously, they were velvety. I was also impressed by how muscular the wings on the bird were... Mmmmm... Hot wings....

They also had baby ducks. W enjoyed looking at them and "peeping" at them.
This was perhaps the coolest part of the event--Nomad Pizza. It's this company based out of Hopewell that makes wood-fired pizza right there in a truck. We got one for lunch, and it was absolutely delicious.


What?! said...

love your beds. Lookin' good!

i'm black betty said...

yeah, i like the boogy finger one, too! :)

will you come fix my flower beds? wait...i don't have any. man, i suck! :P