Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Good Day

"Good day!" That's what W says when he's happy. If he's super happy, he'll say, "Good big day!". Well, today was definitely a good day. In my opinion, it was a good BIG day. We had a normal afternoon after school--ran by Target, where we happened to find BIG BOY underpants for a really fantastic price. A package of 7 Disney (Cars, Wall-E, Buzz Lightyear, Incredibles, etc) underpants marked down from $9.99 to $2.49. I got two packages, even though I wasn't anticipating starting the toileting process for a few more months. Well, so we get home and he does a little "fishing work" that I set up for him...

He's got a bin of water with a tiny bit of blue food coloring in it (the ocean!) with some sea critters hanging out. He uses a kitchen strainer to "catch" the critters and set them on the tray (actually the lid for the bin) beside the bin. He loves this kind of thing. It really builds his concentration.

So a little bit later, he has a big poop in his diaper. He wants to go get rid of the poop, and when I get a fresh diaper for him, he REFUSES to let me put it on. He insisted on putting on underpants. I explained to him that he had to tell me when he needed to tee-tee or poop so that we could get to the potty. He said "Okay!" He was so proud.Ta-da!
Love this pose.
So anyway, he had two accidents in a 10-minute time period. He was not happy when I insisted that he take off his own shoes, pants and underwear, but he made an effort to do so. I assisted when he needed help. After the second accident, he was fine for about an hour. When we went up for his bath, he sat on the potty and peed. He stood up, all excited, then sat right back down to pee some more.
He's in a diaper for bed, of course, but we are now done with diapers in the daytime. From what I've seen at work, with the toddlers in my class, you cannot go back and forth between diapers and underpants in the daytime. The child gets confused and doesn't know when he can and can't poop/pee. It's going to be a tough thing, I think, for the next few weeks, but hey, we'll only have to go through it once (with him, that is!). So say a little prayer for Mike and me! We're gonna need it!


azachick said...

What a great idea! Thanks for posting the fishing activity, Carrie!


What?! said...

it's good he's showing such an interest! Love the fishing! He's so precious!

i'm black betty said...

he is too cute.