Thursday, April 9, 2009

New and improved

I have been in desperate need (want) of a new bag. I've really enjoyed carrying around my Vera Bradley tote that Mike got for my birthday a few years ago, but had fallen back into the habit of toting around my favorite (read: boring) Longchamp bag that I've been using since my senior year at Smith. While it is incredibly classic and practical, it is a bit dull, and I felt that I needed something a little cheerier to match this cheery time of year. Hence, my quest for a new, springy bag. I got my Vera Bradley catalog in the mail yesterday, something I always enjoy flipping through, as I admire the beautiful fabrics and styles. However, nothing in the past year has particularly grabbed my attention to the point of actually wanting to buy a new bag. Not so, this time. One of the new spring fabrics, Bali Blue, is absolutely gorgeous. It was love at first sight. So off I went to The Papery, a fancy-schmancy boutique in Princeton that happens to sell VB wares. The bag that I thought I wanted turned out to be a wee bit large, so I settled on this one...
The best part about the whole thing? My MIL treated me to it! She called it my wedding anniversary present, which actually worked out fine, since I think Mike appreciated the fact that he didn't have to shell out the money for it.

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